Thursday, November 18, 2010

Post-season 2010

It's been off to a slow start unfortunately.  I kept up with my running (somewhat) and even attempted to continue training on the bike trainer, but that came to a dramatic halt.  Long story short, the bike's front shifter is busted, and either needs to be replaced (read: $$) which won't make a lot of sense considering the value of the bike is near the replacement cost.  To add a bit of fuel to the fire, my bike rack is broken, and until the correct replacement part has been sent from the company the bike remains in the laundry room.  Unfortunately, the bike rack company sent the wrong part, so now I'm waiting again for the correct part.  I could technically throw the bike in the back of my car, but that's what the damn bike rack is for (that and I hardly let passengers in my car, let alone a greasy bike).

So needless to say, the fabulous bike trainer I bought in August is collecting dust until I come up with Plan B after another bike mechanic looks at the system.  Then I will make a decision about whether or not I will be buying a new bike.  (If you have any suggestions for a woman's road/triathlon bike, please let me know.)

So, now that we've got bike part covered, let's discuss the swim and the run.

Swim - non-existent, except for Together We Tri's indoor triathlon last weekend.

Run - I kept going a bit after the Chicago Triathlon, but work got totally crazy and I was on the road for almost two weeks, with no time to workout, let alone rest or sleep.  I returned feeling healthy, and within two days I went and visited Sickville.  This knocked me on my rear for a week, and I couldn't get back into it until this past Tuesday morning.  I had to get up and run at 6am, because it's pitch dark at 4:30am, let alone running after work.  This makes for one unhappy Pam. But, I love running in cool weather, and it was very quiet at 6:15am.  After coming off a sickness and it being my first time this season running in the cold, I did what I could and made it 1.81 miles. Yipee!  It wasn't the best idea considering I was still a bit sick, but it still felt great and made me appreciate my health.

So, bottom line, I've started off this post-season training slow and bruised, but I'm determined to stick with it.  Our gym just added a Jacob's Ladder machine, and let me tell you, after 5 minutes of torture I'm in pain and dripped wet.  I made it to 10 minutes yesterday, and boy was I wiped (how can I do a triathlon, and not climb a ladder?) but again, it felt great.

I signed up for a 4 mi run for next week (post-Tgiving). It's probably going to suck a lot too, considering my longest is 3 miles and I haven't done that in weeks, but I'm running with a good friend and we're going to stick it out together. w00t w00t!

I've got to stay motivated! Time to shed pounds and keep up my fitness.

Thanks for reading.

I'm no Ironman, but I still tri.