Thursday, April 22, 2010

Running still gives me a little challenge

Ever since I started running with Kevin and Mike, it's been more of a challenge, which I like. I'm getting faster, because the pace is faster than I'm used to. We don't go as far, but I guess I'm content with a faster pace.

Anyway, sorry there's nothing cool to report. But here's today's run. Happy Earth Day!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Fastest run in years

Thanks to Kevin, I ran the fastest pace for 2 miles in quite some time. Very pleased with myself, even though we only averaged a 10:15 pace. Granted: Kevin doesn't run regularly like I do, and he still kicks my butt.

My general outlook. Again, I may be not be fast, but I have a blast.

Indoor triathlon: great effort

I competed in Lifetime Fitness' indoor triathlon series yesterday. It's my 4th one there (of 10 that I've done), and still enjoy it. I love indoor triathlons whether I organize them or not (especially the races I organize).

Anyway, still going on my theme of "I may not be the fastest or the best, I still have a blast," here's how I did:
  • 10-min swim - 17.5 lengths (not 100% sure if the pool was 25m/25yd/30m?) and this is with goggle malfunctions (probably would have been closer to 19, but hey, what can I say?) Also, I wanted to SLUG the girl who was sharing a lane with me, she didn't understand how to swim straight, in a pool no less!
  • 30-min bike - 12.3 mi (on Spinner bikes, I can't stand them, and I'm not a fan of the grinding feel feel under my feet...) felt good, and used the songs as motivation, as I do when leading a spin class
  • 20-min bike - 1.73 mi (treadmill) again, felt good, I started a little too slow, but finished around a 6.8/7.0 mph, so can't complain too much
As you can see, I'm quite the turtle in comparison to the others that competed, but I still had fun. And I even had time to go to the bathroom and set up my bike before most people in my wave transitioned from the swim to run. TAKE THAT!

I'm happy with my pace, happy that I completed it, and even though I missed out on Saturday night's activities, my workout was over by 10:15 am. When did YOU finish your workout? ;)

Until next time, I'm No Ironman but I Still Tri.

UPDATED: Stats from previous races at same location:

Nov 2009:
  • Swim - 19 lengths
  • Bike - 12 miles
  • Run - 1.86 miles

Feb 19, 2009:
  • Swim - 16 lengths
  • Bike - 12.3 miles (man, am I predictable)
  • Run - 1.65 miles

Overall, I'm dead on, and somewhat predictable. Here's how I'll use this to improve, but still, I'm very content with these numbers, and couldn't be happier!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Ok, it's time us "regular" triathletes to shine

Don't get me wrong, I admire and adore all triathletes, especially those who train and compete in Ironman races.

This is my story, my life, and how I approach triathlons.

I began training during the summer of 2007, and participated in my first race in Glenview, IL, and then later in Niles, MI.

I do sprint distance triathlons, some are longer than others, but they are the best. They don't take nearly as long to complete, my "pit crew" appreciates that, I'm never bored, and I still rock.

I'm not fast, I hate speed work, my long workouts aren't all that long, but I am devoted and love my sport.

It's time to write about triathletes that aspire to master the short distance races and those who may never do a long distance race.

I'm no Ironman but I still tri.