Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Is My Less Actually More?

There's the phrase in endurance training of "less is more." The harder you push yourself it's likely that your body will be prone to injuries and fatigue, and in the end it will set you back due to recovery, required rest, etc.

So here's my thinking. Maybe this is my season of "less is more" and because I've built a decent "endurance base" starting from January, that maybe I don't need to overdue myself this year to shed time off my races. Wishful thinking, right?

Reason I bring this up is from my previous post. I had significantly less training than the 2009 race, but somehow I managed to take a whole bunch of time off that race. Last season I was killing myself to get the workouts in, and this year I'm not getting them in like I would hope.

That being said, I am very confident about my body, what I can push myself to do, and my overall outlook about racing and this helps keep me focused on the weekly workouts and my goals.

So again, maybe this is my season of "less is more." I never claim to be a fast or stellar triathlete, but I still have fun.

Upcoming race: Sunday's Glenview Sprint Triathlon and I look forward to this race every year. Here's the deets:
  • 300 yd swim
  • 10 mi bike
  • 5k (3 mi) run
Race report to follow!

I'm No Ironman but I Still Tri

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  1. funny how that less is more stuff works. Its even true with weightloss. Sometimes doing to much doesnt give the the effects you want.

    Good luck with your race! :)