Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Triathlon Coaching

Triathlon coaching, who me? Yes me! I was approached by the fitness director at the Leaning Tower YMCA to coach the beginning triathlon training group on Saturday mornings. I currently teach a group cycle class on Wednesday evenings there so I am familiar with the facility and staff. But whoa, me?! I met the group last Saturday and they're a very excited and eager bunch. Most of them have never done a triathlon, some are currently working, and others are just getting off the couch. I wasn't prepared for the workout, other than a spin class routine. Well, we had a blast!

I put together a 12-week training plan for them, based on all the training I've done. WOW! I can't believe I'm their "go-to" gal! I'm very excited for this, and it will bring other opportunities for me down the road. It will also force me to get the workouts done, improve my fitness, and practice what I preach.


I'm no Ironman, but I still tri.

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  1. I can definetly believe it! You are a TRI-WARRIOR!