Friday, April 1, 2011

April Races

As you may have heard, I have two big races this month. They're not long, but they're challenging for me! I am participating in my second Shamrock Shuffle 8k (registration closed with 45,000 runners, WHOA). 8k = 4.97 mi, but for purposes of this post, it's 5 miles. Last year I ran with two good friends, Emily and Jess, and we finished in just under 1 hour. We were so happy considering our previous training and our first time doing that distance. It was so great to run with them too.

This year I have a much better base, although I don't have the high mileage yet. I've been routinely running this whole off-season. I've only had two 4 mile runs (on a treadmill sadly) but I'm hoping for a 4-4.5 mile run today or Sunday. I was out of the country for almost two weeks without any running, but I stayed active mostly every day. But with the base I've built, this should put me in the clear for the 8k. They pushed the race back this year to April 10, which is amazing. I would have missed it otherwise had it been in March, but hopefully the April 10 race day will bring us nice weather. (Although we're still in chilly temps and it's April 1 - okay Mother Nature, we get it. April Fools.)

Then, April 23 (Easter weekend) I'm racing with my close friend Jen S. for my first 10k (6.2 miles) at the Wrigley Early Start 10k. I'm a little anxious about that because I haven't hit the higher miles for that either, but I still have a few weeks to hit the longer distances. And hopefully finally be able to run outside. I can't wait to race another race with Jen. We have such a good time together.

Triathlon coaching is also going well. I'm inspired every time I meet with them and I love sharing my knowledge with them. There are a few who started the training very uncomfortable with the water and I've taken them from shallow end standers to entire length swimmers! (I think I am supposed to be a teacher in my next life.)

And how could I forget?! It's Birthday Month!! That's right, April is birthday month! One day shy of being a Tax Day baby (although some years it is Tax Day), so April 16 it is. What a great birthday month; an 8k and my first 10k. I couldn't be happier! And then triathlon training starts early June and I have four races lined up for the summer. It's going to be great!

I'm No Ironman but I Still Tri

P.S. If you want to see a photo album that captures the adventures of my traveling squirrel, take a look here. I started traveling with him almost 6 years ago. He's been all over the world!

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