Monday, April 25, 2011

Shuffling, 10k-ing and Focusing

Well, the Shamrock Shuffle was a few weeks ago, and blah. I was battling a week long sickness, ranging from swimmer's ear to allergies, and it wouldn't go away. I only had the energy to exercise one day, and that ended up being a 2 mi run at a fast-ish pace. I was happy with that but I had this feeling that with the lack of exercise the upcoming race wouldn't fare well.

Fast forward to Friday. I fell asleep around 9:30/10pm (thank you melatonin) and woke up at 8 to coach the triathlon group. I was still so out of it so I couldn't run or swim with them. I spent the day relaxing with Kevin and trying to feel better. Saturday night I didn't get much sleep because I didn't pack my stuff earlier in the day. (Shame on me, I know better.) I was also excited to race and get my 2011 season started right. 

Sunday morning rolls around and I make my way to the race site. Checked my bag and met up with Emily. I started drinking water around 6:30am that morning and even brought an extra water bottle. I had been so thirsty all week, but even the extra water bottle couldn't prepare me. This year the organizers moved the race back a few weeks into April but kept the same start time at 9am. If you know Chicago it is entirely possible for a day in April to start with flurries and end with bikinis. Well, we had a freak day where the temps would hit the 80s on Sunday. Just my luck.

Long story short, I ran with Emily the majority of the way, but around 5k things went downhill. Dehydration really began to set in and as usual, my right ankle and right hip were screaming at me.

Fast forward to this past weekend, April 23. It was time for my long awaited 10k with Jen. Monday, April 18 began the first night of Passover and with that comes a restricted diet. Blah. I never enjoy the holiday and I'm always hungry and irritated because we can't eat anything with leavening, corn syrup or yeast. This leaves out: bread, cereal, pasta, beer, most liquor (except potato vodka), granola and any grain you can think of. (The debate is still out there on quinoa, and yes, we ate it. Take that!) Wonderful! Not only can I not fuel myself for the week but the first two nights will be filled with late night family gatherings and stuffing ourselves. (Love me some family time, but this does get in the way of training. But hey, you do what you've gotta do.) I was unable to workout in the mornings because I was still somewhat sick, the weather was crap-tastic and chose rest over working out. I was still able to get in a 2 mi run before my 60 min spin class, booya!

Saturday morning, I was very excited. I picked up Jen and we were off to the race site. I knew what I had gotten myself into and based on my previous performance at the Shamrock Shuffle I knew I was in for a long run (pun intended, you can laugh now). I hydrated so much that I had to take three potty breaks before lining up! While we were in line I needed to go again! We started off, and as always I felt fine, minor aches. Well, I quickly learned that mother nature wasn't going to be kind to me for the entire 6.2 miles, so sadly at mile 1 I had to depart from Jen and take care of business. Quick transition, only about 45 seconds off my time, but still. I wouldn't be able to race side by side with Jen, but oh well, had to keep going.

I was keeping a decent pace, around 10:30-10:45 but again, that dreaded 5k had something in store for me. Just like clockwork; right ankle, right hip. To make a long run short, I finished, and even with the potty break and occasional walking I manage to finish at approx. 1:13:00. I was relieved to be done and very proud of what I had accomplished.

Time to work on strengthening my weak sides and focusing on my pace. I think it's safe to say that I'm even more hooked on racing!

I'm No Ironman, But I Still Tri.

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