Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Need My Job to Support My Hobby

...or is it really my obsession?

Either way, I need my job (fortunately I love my job so it all works out). Let's take a trip down "history lane" for a moment. This is probably a bad idea but I'm going to estimate the costs I've incurred over 5 seasons (triathlon only, been racing 5ks for about 8 years now).

I'm only able to remember a handful of purchases, but my race entry fees are relatively easy to track (I'd like to thank my lack of email purging). This only includes outdoor triathlons.

Let's begin...

  • Glenview Sprint - $45
  • Niles Sprint (Michigan) - $64.90

  • Glenview Sprint - $50
  • Chicago Sprint - Free! I won a raffle!

  • Glenview Sprint - $55
  • Lewisburg Sprint (Pennsylvania) - $54.63
  • Chicago Sprint - $158.79
  • Danskin Sprit - $128.30

  • Glenview Sprint - $60
  • Trek Sprint Triathlon - $102.66
  • Chicago Sprint - $158.79

  • Palatine Sprint - $65.30
  • Trek Sprint - $86.65
  • Glenview Sprint - $65
  • She Bangs Sprint - $94.25
  • Chicago Sprint  - $156.04

And for those of you who did the math the total for my first five years of races is:
  • Total: $1345.41
  • Annually: $269
  • Average per race: $89.69
I really enjoy the "per race" figure, brings more sanity and light into my life. But if you think about it, the $1300 I've spent in five years* is far cheaper than any drinking activity, therapy, and a shoe obsession. You can't replace achievement, success, happiness and personal gain with any dollar amount. Sure that number sounds kind of high, but it's less than $300/year to have a blast and stay healthy.

I'm No Ironman, but I Still Tri.

*Please don't include the amount I've spent looking good while racing.

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