Monday, August 1, 2011


I can now count on one whole hand how many times I've completed the Glenview Sprint Triathlon. I've got to say, that's five races each with fantastic stories. Here's last year's story.

Fortunately I don't have a lot to report, other than how fantastic the race was and I still can't believe it's already over. This is one of the two races I plan my summer schedule around and yesterday's race again solidified my passion for the sport. I see this race as my biggest social event of the year. I know so many of the athletes, they expect me to be there and I know I'll see so many of them throughout the course cheering me on.

As you can see, I managed to snag a stellar transition spot, and there was even room next to me for my friend Robin! I arrived at 5:15am, set up, did a quick warm up and headed to the starting line. I always say, if I don't have to bring my wetsuit, the race is going to be a piece of cake.


I got in line with Robin, and we slowly made our way to the front of the line. This is a pool swim with athletes starting every 10 seconds so we got to hang and chat.

The swim begins, and right away I knew I hadn't started my watch. D'OH! I turned the sucker on and started timing. (Now that's a first.) It's a 300 yd swim in an s-pattern, so every lap we must go under the lane dividers. This causes many "tea parties" while the swim volunteers tell us to let others pass. Regardless, my swim pace was right on target.

Green cap (by request, so my pit crew can find me)

I felt great transitioning from the swim to bike, and the tips I learned from our coach this year really shaved time off. I can't believe it. It flew by! Took me a minute to get my bearings and to get on the bike, but I was off! The two five-mile loops were mine!

I didn't feel too bad and tried to keep my cadence between 80-90, but I couldn't maintain that pace. I averaged about 75-77, but I'll take it! I kept visualizing my next steps through transition and WHAM, I made it out alive, pretty speedy too! All I had to do was get through the next three miles and the five-peat would be complete. Easier said than done, but I actually felt pretty darn good. I was properly hydrated, I had enough nutrition and I was ready. I was off to a speedy start so I had to remind myself to sloooow down. My right calf irritation started up and I eventually found a tune that carried me throughout the 5k. It wasn't fast by any means, but I did what I could. The second half was surprisingly easier. I finished strong and wasn't struggling to catch my breath after. I was hot, but not hot enough to feel the need to pass out. (Phew.)


And there you have it, another Glenview Sprint Triathlon in the books. My results are also pretty decent. I am not a fast racer, but I've managed to demolish my previous times, nearly year after year. I guess it pays off to start with higher times, right? Last year I shaved 6 minutes off my 2009 time, and this year I'm proud to say I knocked nearly 2.5 minutes off my 2010 finishing time, meaning I'm damn close to my PR. I give credit to our new coach who gave amazing tips on decreasing transition time.

(Racing made me loopy, so I forgot to upload the course, but that'll change tonight.)

Congrats to my fellow athletes who I train with and see every year, some with amazing finishing times. Thanks to my family for supporting me and for being the best pit crew out there. Love you all.

I'm No Ironman, But I Still Tri

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