Friday, June 15, 2012

Behind and Somewhat (Mostly) Injured

It's been about 8 months since a post, it's about time to write yes?

Quite a lot has happened in 8 months, most importantly I'm getting married! In December my then boyfriend proposed to me over a surprise weekend in Las Vegas. We're tying the knot later this year and needless to say, it's been a busy 8 months. Since the Corn Maze 5k in OCTOBER I've accomplished the following:
  • Continued yoga practice at CorePower Yoga
  • Tailgate 5k with Leigh Ann, Gail and her friends (so fun)
  • Hot Chocolate 5k with Lori
  • New license plate!
  • Running biomechanics clinic with Janet Leet of SUB5
  • Engaged in Vegas!
  • Lululemon Warehouse Sale in January 2012 with Sarah (#unsupervisedshopping)
  • Continued #unsupervisedshopping
  • The Color Run 5k (Go look at my videos!) although we walked to stay colorful
  • SELF Workout in the Park with Dolvette of the Biggest Loser!
  • Signed up for:
    • Glo Run 5k (this Saturday night!)
    • Twin Lakes Sprint Triathlon - June 24
    • Glenview Sprint Triathlon - July 29
    • Danskin Women's Triathlon - August 26
    • Hell Run - September 1

So between wedding plans, starting a new business with my fiance, continuing my full-time job (which I love), and sticking with my endurance and yoga practice, it's been busy.

Reward for running
My calf/ankle injury is still here and isn't going away. I was fitted for new shoes in December, and while running in the winter it didn't bother me, but it came back with a vengence in March. It's STILL here and one round of physical therapy hasn't helped. Went to Athletico yesterday and they said I should meet with a running specialist.

Ask me how many times I've been in the pool this year? Twice. How many open water swims? Zero. How many times on the bike? 4-5. How many outdoor rides this year? Zero. So between this and my running pain, next week's triathlon should be interesting, as it was last year. Although, I just reread it and my words gave me a new perspective on this awful pain. I race because I love it, and if I'm slow I'm out there enjoying my hobby. I can't find a picture of it, but my new license plate reads TRI IT. Double meaning too; meaning I encourage people to always try things with me, and of course, triathlons.

IL residents have a nack for vanity license plates, and ever since I could figure it out I've always wanted one. This year we made it happen! I'm a sucker for it but it's very true to me.

Thanks for reading. Up next: Glo Run 5k and next weekend's triathlon.

I'm No Ironman but I Still Tri

Alumni Tailtage 5k

Flattering, I know. But the bus speaks the truth.
F'in freezing but full! The amount of chocolate
and sugar actually made me a bit sick.


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