Sunday, June 6, 2010

Put it my best

Well troops, I did my best, I'm happy to been given the opportunity to participate, but I have more injuries than the number of fingers on my hand. And that is not something my body is used to.

Great weather today, and off to lunch.

So I'm sitting on the bus, and this great lady sits down. I apologize for "being rude" because it looks like I'm texting. We start chatting, and of course, Avon Walk always leads to stories... Next thing we know we're both tearing up and I'm almost to the point of no return. Those of you who know me, I get teary during during the National Anthem.

Anyway, we shared a few moments, a few stories, learned that we're connected through my profession and her husband's trade. Small small world. Here she is:

Anyway, arrived at lunch. Still nice out, and in pain :/

That's all for now. Next up: closing ceremony!

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