Saturday, June 5, 2010

ressting my feet and sunchips

So finally made it!

And, there are a few things in life that makes everything better: Original Sun Chips. Ok wait... Back to the Avon Walk.

Been good so far. Its easily mentally, which helps w/the physical pain.

Socks got pretty wet, so I'll be changing those soon.

Again, I feel so fortunate so have the ability to be in this pain knowing how fortunate I really am.

Good group of girls, so that helps too. We're on a mission to get to that 13.1!!!!!

All the cheer stations are so awesome too. They're so supportive and the smiles are endles.

Also, there are a few things today that could really irritate me: humidity. Its been brought, and with a vengence!!!!! Argh!

Ciao for now. Follow my tweets: @prnewman

Peace from mile 10

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