Friday, June 24, 2011

Motivating Myself

If you'll read my recent post, you'll notice that it's been nearly two months (to date) that I haven't blogged. This usually happens when a race isn't coming up, or I'm too busy. Well, I have some downtime and you'll see the post before, it's the first race (triathlon) of the season on Sunday. I decided to take a trip down memory lane and read what I wrote about some of these races last year. 

Enter Scene A:  2010 Glenview Sprint Triathlon Recap. Somehow with my training I managed to shave 6 minutes off the 2009 time, so 2010 was a success, despite the hip and ankle pain. Oy vey!

Enter Scene B: 2010 Chicago Sprint Triathlon Recap. Yes, both of these races were grueling in one way or another, but you know what? I finished them and with stellar times! Every year I have a different strength than the previous year and last year, maybe it was my commitment. Who knows? Regardless, it dawned on me that I can be my own motivator, as can everyone else. Journaling, whether through a blog or handwritten journal (I do both) can be a great tool to get yourself through any doubts or concerns. These past two weeks have been a mini roller coaster of ups and downs (making the decision about whether I'd be racing on Sunday or not) and re-reading my posts just gave me more ups!

Bottom line, I've become my own motivator. How cool! Anyone else experience this?

I'm No Ironman, But I Still Tri

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